Kujira Shibuki
Kujira Shibuki
Kanji 工白志吹
Rōmaji Kujira Shibuki
Personal Information
Age 24
Gender Male
Race Wizard
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Professional Information
Magic Mind control
Affiliation Shark Knight Law Office<br>Labone
Position Senior partner
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Daisuke Ono
English Voice Blake Shepard
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Kujira Shibuki (工白志吹, Kujira Shibuki) is the 24 year old senior partner at Shark Knight law office, the Butterfly Law Office's rival.


Kujira is young man with tanned skin, brown short hair and green eyes. His outfit is white dress shirt with blue vest and bluish black suit. His suit consist bluish black with turquoise lining in slevess and bluish black pants and a light brown shoes. In official website, his height is 182 cm.


He describing Tsundere type, being short-tempered but mellow guy. He is very loyal to Kiba, and became suffered when Kiba is aressted.




Shibuki was the one who revealed to Cecil regarding the war between Labone and Macal and why was the Macal after Cecil.


  • His personality similiar like Akito Shukuri from Norn9.
    • Ironically, his voice actor Daisuke Ono was voiced main antagonist Natsuhiko Azuma from same series. Altough player can make him became protagonist.
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