Hard Case
Cecil and Ageha at the docks
Kanji ハード.ケース
Rōmaji Hādo.Kēsu
Number 02
Air Date January 19, 2014
Music Themes
Opening Justitia by Lia
Ending Blue Topaz by Rui Tanabe
Lady Justice
Love and Hate
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Hard Case (ハード.ケース, Hādo.Kēsu) is the second episode of Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil anime series.

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Cecil has managed to avoid jail time, but ended up adding another hefty fine to an already troubled start to her career with the Butterfly Law Office. With that put behind her, Cecil and company can focus on their work to do for her first case in proving that Kohinata was acting in self-defense during the bank robbery. Although they have testimony from one of his former co-workers, it's likely that such a statement will be shot down (and it is). The only plan they have left is to find a member of the No Face gang who committed the robbery and get him/her to state that Kohinata was never apart of their gang. Such a task is easier said than done, but Cecil takes it upon herself to apprehend one of the members, even if the police refuse to assist her. With help from Tobirou Kamakiri's illusion magic, Cecil and Ageha Chono get a lead on the location of the No-Face gang's hideout. Sadly, things don't go as smoothly as they had hoped when a giant mecha battle between Cecil and three members of the No Face gang erupts. With help from the rest of the Butterfly Law Office, Cecil manages to capture the entire No Face gang and even get a statement from one of them before the end of the case, leading to Kohinata's innocence.

Major events Edit

  • Kohinata Souta's trial for the bank robbery incident begins. The prosecution asserts it was a killing between gang members and that Kohinata is part of No Face.
  • Cecil Sudo and Ageha Chono discover the No Face gang's location. A mecha battle between Cecil and the members is sparked.
  • Testimony from a captured member of No Face proves that Kohinata killed the No Face member as a customer who was trying to defend the employees. Due to this the magic use was legal under article 10, and he is found not guilty.